Slurry seal /Micro Surfacing Paver DAW10-K43

Slurry seal paver DAW12-K43 consists of the chassis, feeding system( aggregate, emulsion, water, padding, additive),mixing system, paving system, power system, and control system.
Model DAW12-K43
Internal model
Chassis brand HOWO
Chassis model ZZ1257N4347E1
Total mass T 25

Product details description

1.Equipment use
Slurry seal paver DAW12-K43 consists of the chassis, feeding system( aggregate, emulsion, water, padding, additive),mixing system, paving system, power system, and control system.
Its main purpose to manage the pavement surface diseases such as frictional resistance declining, crack or track, to enhance the skid resistance and water repellency, to improve the pavement flatness and driving comfort, thus achieve the best effect of new pavement from old one. It’s also widely used in the construction technology of common slurry seal, modified slurry seal and micro surfacing.
2.Working principle
Slurry seal paver’s working principle is to convey the aggregate, powder material, water and emulsified asphalt to the mixer within certain rate; form flow emulsified asphalt slurry mixture through fast mixing and convey to the paver; after spiral conveying pave evenly and smooth on the road.
Slurry seal paver is the equipment specially used for slurry sealing technology, which can meet the special construction condition with the short time mixing, shaping up fast and thin paving thickness, thus the requirements of fast construction, low cost, wide uses and energy consumption.
The vehicle structure picture is as below:

3.Construction technology

  • Slurry sealing construction technology

  Slurry sealing is emulsified asphalt slurry sealing, which use the proper grading chips and sands as aggregates, emulsified asphalt as binding materials, add certain rate padding ( cement, lime, coal ash, mineral powder and so on), additive and water, through mixing and forming even slurry mixture, and evenly pave on the road according to the required thickness and width, which formed the asphalt surface management thin layer.

  • Micro-surfacing construction technology

   Micro-surfacing is a thin layer structure, which uses the specified equipment to mix reasonable proportion of the materials such as Polymer modified emulsified asphalt, gradation of aggregate, filler (cement, lime, fly ash and mineral powder, etc.), water and additive, etc., stir and form into homogeneous slurry mixture, and quickly even pave on the road, within 1 ~ 2 hours after paving open traffic. 

  • Main performance

4.1 Sinotruk Howo Ⅴ special chassis, low fuel consumption and emission, strong power, comfortable and convenient driving;
4.2 intelligent low speed passing-stress mechanism from the special chassis output torque, with working stable speed and good construction effect
4.3 the auxiliary engine is YUCHAI high-power engine, with strong power; the paving effect perfect when manage the modified asphalt in breaking of emulsion.
4.4 aggregate storage bin, emulsified asphalt tank and water tank recombines together with compact structure, high efficiency and good shape.
4.5 l iquid storage tank and pipeline is welded preciously with the stainless steel, anti-corrosion and long-life.
4.6 maximum mixing capacity is 3.5t/min, which can meet the different width, thickness and different construction requirements, with excellent construction performance.
4.7 open hydraulic system with compact, beautiful structure and high liability;
4.8 use famous brand hydraulic power from German, conveying revolving speed stable and reliable; the accurate control of the conveying materials is realized with the advanced measure sensor.
4.9 Single road single control, with five sets of independent hydraulic power sources, dynamic stable and non-interference. It is convenient to troubleshoot, good for maintenance, especially for system upgrade.
4.10 Operations using the rear control platform, the operators can control all components of action on the platform, and achieve a single button to start and stop, conveniently and quickly.
4.11 With advanced stirring and mixing plant, the pulp is good. The wear-resisting blade is built of hard alloy grain, and the material Angle can be adjusted vertically to suit the construction of the road surface.
4.12 The control system adopts the modular design and special controller of the engineering machine, with high protection grade and strong driving ability.
4.13 Accurate material deficiency alarm device is used to monitor the loss of aggregate delivery during construction, and ensure the quality of construction.
4.14 The emulsion pump with steady flow is adopted, and the emulsion quantity can be accurately supplied by the advanced measuring sensor. The pump body has the heating function, which meets the needs of the tough working environment. At the same time, the structure of the system can be realized from the self-suction filling oil function, convenient to work.
4.15 The humanization design, has high, low pressure two sets of washing equipment. Construction and equipment maintenance is more convenient.
4.16 Automatic tyre water spraying system, meets the requirements of special process in construction.
4.17 A high pressure cleaning device and a spreading water supply device, provides convenient conditions for the normal cleaning and maintenance of equipment and special construction process.
4.18 The innovation design of bin vibration device effectively solved the problem of "collecting materials frame", which greatly improved the construction quality.
4.19 Aggregate storage capacity is to 10 m3; 55° inclined wall makes aggregate blanking smooth.
4.20 T he paving system adopts automatic telescoping pave box, which satisfies all kinds of pavement construction requirements, and can adjust the suitable arches according to the construction needs; Adopts double row screw propeller, the structure has the effect of distributing materials and secondary mixing materials, and the effect of preventing the slurry separation is obvious.
4.21 There is a CAN bus connection between the master controller(world famous brand) and the extension module, which is flexible in the distribution box. Using distributed bus control, the controller directly drives the control component, greatly enhancing the stability and consistency of electric control.

  • Main specification data


Parameter name


Standard value








Internal model





Chassis brand





Chassis model





Total mass





Wheel base





Engine model





Engine power





Emission standard










Maximum speed





Minimum speed



Add second transfer case


Auxiliary engine





Auxiliary engine power





Aggregate tank volume





Emulsion tank volume





Water tank volume





Auxiliaries tank volume





Stuffing box tank volume



2 stuffing boxes


Capacity of mixer





Paving width





Paving thickness








Length x width x height

6. Product advantages



Main performance


Product Model

DAW12-K43 micro surfacing paver (slurry paver )



Chassis、feeding system(aggregates feeding subsystem, emulsion feeding subsystem, water supply subsystem, fillers feeding subsystem and additive feeding subsystem)、mixing system、paving system、power system、control system etc



Compact structure, elegant in appearance,Overall Dimension:10450×2500×3500;
Max. discharging Volume of Mixer 3.5t/min



HOWO 6×4 special chassis,good mobility, strong bearing capacity

Emission Standards:EuroⅤ

Engine power: 228kW

Max. weight: 25000kg

Min. speed(km/h)1.2 km/h

Two unique transfer case, to .,achieve high speed and low speed paving


Aggregates Feeing Subsystem

Aggregate hopper with volume of 10m³ enhance the quality and efficiency of construction

Vibrating stilling cone avoids sliding and bridging caused by belt overburdening and effectively improves the stability of conveying aggregates.

Independent belt conveyor:
Its adjustable structure is convenient for belt governing and maintenance.

Adjustable feed gate easy to regulate as required of various construction conditions.

Foreign well-known brand hydraulic motor keeps accurate and convenient operations

Accurate feeding starvation alarm monitors aggregates conveying in the all-range construction, which is the double insurance of construction quality control.


Emulsion Feeding       Subsystem

Emulsion tank with volume of 3.5 m³,All using high quality materials to meet the needs of construction

Air control angle seat of famous foreign and domestic brands offers strong guaranty to automatic control.

System pipelines are connected by high quality materials

Foreign well-known brand hydraulic motor keeps accurate and convenient operations


Water Supply Subsystem

Water tank with volume of 3.5m3

Stable centrifugal water pump is featured by stable performance and long service life.

Electronic digital display target flowmeter can accurately measuring water flow, precise metering material blending.

Air control system is advanced structure, reliable and efficient

System pipelines are connected by high quality materials


Fillers Feeding Subsystem

This system can store and feed with two types of fillers as required by various construction conditions. Internal fluffer and spiral feeder guarantee stable and precise discharging volume.


Additives Feeding Subsystem

All the components and parts of this device are made of stainless steel. The device is driven by air pressure, of simple structure and stable performance. Glass rotor flowmeter reads flow rate, reliable to monitor and easy to operate.


Mixing System

This system applies biaxial spiral leaves to mixing and conveying, with features of high rotating speed, strong power and good effects of beating. High abrasion blade effectively ensures efficient construction. The freely adjustable rake angle of mixer improves mixing effects and meets the needs of construction on the roads with different slopes.

Maximum discharging volume is 3.5t/min, which is suitable for any construction requirements.

  • 1

Paving System

Paving system design as an independent operating system, the slurry mixture evenly paving the road surface an control the width and thickness of the slurry paving as required.

Paving box have V-shaped Paving Box and Rectangular Paving Box (The standard for rectangular paving box )

V-shaped Paving Box for Ruts Repair

Rectangular Paving Box is mainly used for road surface seal processing can also repair a slight furrow.

 Adjustable Biaxial Rectangular Paving Box (paving width of 2.5~4.3m)


Power System

YuChai Water-cooled engine with rating power of 70kW/2400rpm is equipped with turbocharger of strong power, stable performance and reliable quality.

The hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic control valve are all famous foreign brands,

Hydraulic power part adopts triple pump independently, which supplies independent power to the respective executive system and keeps them interference free.


Control System

Integrated control system makes the operator can operate all the controllers at the operating platform. It is also easily capable of starting or stopping operations with one single switch.

Control system of premium brand is applied to make the system more intelligently. This equipment is equipped with a complete system of display and alarm devices, convenient to construction

6. Detailed picture




7. Construction pictures